Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh hey, didn't see you there!

Welcome to my new blog. What is a forange? It's an orange, but colored fushcia (apparently it's a color starting with an f). There, since we have the greetings out of the way, I can start writing some cool stuff.

The content will probably update a few times per week, sometimes I'll even throw in a comic, but most of the time I'll comment on various events that happened to me in my personal (or professional) life. You can expect stuff from the arts of programming, design, and dissing people that can't drive.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here. Have fun!



  1. Goodluck on your new blog!

  2. sounds good, liked your comic you posted on the tablet, how much did the tablet cost? I kind of want one.

  3. I commented on it @ Thanks!

  4. Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Followed